Building Process for a Pandemic

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This year is a transformational period in history that will be talked about for generations and for sure will be taught about in business text books. Resilient and opportunistic organizations are emerging stronger and better positioned to meet their goals, rising above the competition to take on new challenges while many others are eroding away under the stresses of a rapidly changing world. Aperture is working with our customers to ensure their process infrastructures position them for success as we all continue to explore the challenges, opportunities and risks of our new reality.

Aperture is assisting our customer in answering five questions and defining a process roadmap that supports their journey into a new future.

1. Were your existing business processes accurately documented?

Did your organization enter this period of change with a strong process foundation? Understanding where you started is critical in understanding how to get to your destination. Aperture works to thoroughly understand where your organization is in its process journey to develop a plan to get you were you need to be.

2. What are the impacts to your documented processes with your team working remotely?

A detailed review at an individual process element level is critical to understand the impacts your teams changing work environments and structure are having on your operations. Aperture’s consultants partner with your team members to capture the impact of your unique operating realities on your existing processes.

3. How do your communications and decision making processes need to be adapted to maintain operating efficiencies?

Beyond process flow, effective communication and decision making are critical operational components that are essential to your organization achieving operating efficiency in its new normal. Aperture works with your leadership to ensure the communications mechanisms and decision support data and tools are in place to support your teams needs.

4. Do the tools you have supporting your team still support the processes effectively when your team is remote.

A modern organization requires modern tools to meet the needs of its staff and customers. Aperture works with our customers to assess their current process automation and data management tools to identify gaps and opportunities for improved efficiency with a focus on making recommendations that take advantage of existing investments and tools.

5. What are the opportunities to improve your team’s performance in a remote environment?

Though major changes in your team’s working location can be disruptive, they can also be an opportunity for implementing long over due change and realigning operating approaches to recognize undiscovered efficiencies. Aperture works with our customers to uncover these opportunities, available in a more dynamic working environment and recognized their full potential benefit to the organization

Aperture’s team is ready to sit with you to discuss the potential opportunities unique to your organization and to help you find your new greatest potential!