Humanitarian Services

Protecting vulnerable populations through effective Humanitarian Services programming is a critical mission in today's world. Aperture is committed to delivering compassionate care while supporting our national security interests and diplomatic commitments.

Supporting Vulnerable Populations

The migration of vulnerable populations in a modern world creates a multitude of challenges, both tactical and strategic. Aperture’s Humanitarian Services experience ranges from hands-on support of migrants and refugees in camps and processing facilities, to the design and development of complex Federal case management systems. Our participation in this critical mission is driven by our team’s deep commitment to the needs of these vulnerable populations.

Refugee and Migrant Process Engineering and Optimization

Improving all aspects of establishing, scaling and operating facilities and logistics programs in support of refugee and migrant care is what motivates our team. Aperture provides operational process engineers that dissect your operations, and create actionable recommendations for how to better operate and manage your mission.

Data Management & Analytics

Data is key to successful program management.  It is required to maintain a strong security posture, a prerequisite for effective oversight, and the foundation for improving outcomes. Aperture builds integrated data solutions in support of Humanitarian Services missions which aggregate and synthesize data from numerous sources to create real-time valuable insights into operations – for example:  the number and demographic details of refugees under care, the status of sophisticated logistical movements, or detailed insight into case management bottlenecks. Our teams work with customer leadership to understand the key drivers of their operations and build data pipelines that provide dynamic decision support tools to better serve vulnerable populations and protect national security.

Case Management Solutions

Leadership & Training – Expertise in site operations, quality management, and functional area leadership with the ability to develop and deliver of robust training curricula in a variety of areas including, youth services, case management, and relevant Federal policy.

Case Management Systems Development – Development of custom case management systems using best align low-code/no-code platforms including Salesforce and ServiceNow.

Case Management Process Optimization – Systematic dissection and analysis of case management operations, issue identification and resolution.

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Technology Solutions

Technology to transform your operations and meet the evolving challenges of your Humanitarian Services mission.

Strategy & Consulting

Holistic solutions to drive efficiency and improved quality of care in large-scale Humanitarian Services programs.

Mission Support

Dedicated, hands-on support driving the success of your Humanitarian Services programs.