National Security

Aperture is a key partner of the US National Security Community, providing transformative solutions and critical expertise that strengthen our security at home and support our diplomatic posture around the globe.

National Security

Advancing our National Security Advantage

Aperture partners with leading U.S. National Security organizations such as the U.S. Department of State to advance our national interests and to ensure our global leadership role is secure today and into the future.

When the normal answers don’t work, Aperture’s customers come to us to dig deeper. Enhancing decision making, maximizing mission impact, driving operational transparency and reducing waste are critical in addressing the rapidly changing security demands in today’s world. Aperture’s teams are experience in delivering creative change within the framework of our national security infrastructure.

Process Mapping and Optimization

Foundational to any high operating government organization is a well documented process infrastructure that has been optimized to align with mission goals and operating realities. Aperture’s process experts are working with customers across the national security community to deeply understand the way they work today, propose changes based on best practices across the community and document their process for the future.

Process Automation

Redefining operating environments to meet the demands of a modern government requires both a granular understanding of the operating environment and strong grasp on the enabling technologies. Aperture’s teams deliver process automation solutions that align with our customers budget, timeline and technical requirements while delivering near term return on investment.

Risk and Governance

Compliance is a driving force across government. Aperture’s consulting teams deliver subject matter expertise that mitigates risk for our customers and creates robust monitoring frameworks across complex risk, governance and policy requirements.

Mission Solutions

Enabling technology can serve as a critical component of a national security agency’s ability to meet their mission. Aperture’s technologists and consultants work together to deliver optimized solutions that tightly align with operating needs while relying on the latest technologies including cloud, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation any more.

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Technology Solutions

Technology to transform your operations to meet the evolving challenges of your mission.

Management Consulting

Optimizing, Advancing and Strengthening your organization to be a torch bearer in building a modern government,

Acquisition Support

Building better buying organizations to increase efficiency and enhance performance.

Policy and Governance

Ensuring compliance and protecting our national security assets for the future.