Acquisition Workshops Support Doing it Right the First Time

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Anything worth doing is worth doing right!

True words for life and true words for acquisition. Each year the Federal Government develops new strategies to reduce the more than a billion dollars of waste, fraud and abuse that intentionally or through negligence cost our taxpayers hard earned dollars. While the Government has entire organizations focused on reducing these tangible representations of waste, maybe equally costly to our taxpayers and detrimental to the success of our Federal institutions is the waste associated with unintentionally procuring services and products that don’t meet the needs of our Federal workforce and our citizens.

Aperture’s Acquisition Workshops were intentionally developed to increase acquisition effectiveness through improved stakeholder engagement, enhanced requirements gathering processes, creative acquisition strategy development and expanded accountability.

Our limited engagement model of 1,2 and 3 day workshops is just right to support your next major acquisition and flexible enough to meet the operating realities of your dynamic workforce. We pair your stakeholder team with experts from industry and seasoned acquisition professionals to achieve our agreed upon goals specifically developed for your workshop.

With some prices falling under then simplified acquisition threshold, our workshops can be paid for with a credit card and scheduled at short notice. Don’t let your next program get off on the wrong foot, reach out to our team to schedule your first Acquisition Workshop to ensure your acquisition is a success.

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