U.S. Department of State Chooses Aperture for Cloud-Based Video Editing Platform

Aperture Solutions Group has been chosen by the U.S. Department of State to support the deployment of a cloud-based video editing platform. Aperture has partnered with London based, Blackbird PLC to integrate and deploy the solution that will be integral in allowing the State Department to continue to provide world class video content production and distribution.

The State Department’s video and production teams will be able to use the cloud platform to rapidly clip, edit and publish news broadcast seconds after live to its social channels including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as delivering longer form content to its own website and other digital news outlets. Working across multiple U.S. based sites, production teams will also be able to instantly access videos from the department’s archive for the repurposing of content across its social and other online channels.

The contract awarded to Aperture Solutions Group, is for one base year with multiple option years.