Modernizing our transportation infrastructure is a critical task ahead of us in the 21st century. Aperture’s team supports Research and Development projects for multi-modal transportation to deliver break throughs in safety and transportation efficiency.

Racing to Build the Future of Transportation

The next great transportation wave is upon us. Autonomous vehicles, commercial space flight, and high-speed rail represent only small pieces of the rapidly changing transportation landscape. Aperture works with our customers to redefine the possible and to enable breakthroughs that will transform the way we travel through our world in the future.

Acquisition Strategy

Acquiring services in solutions that support next generation technologies is challenging and full of risk. Aperture works with our Federal customer to develop dynamic strategies for major acquisitions that will impact the landscape of the transportation industry. Creative business approaches combined with deep knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulations and Risk Management modeling allows our teams to redefine what success looks like in transportation acquisition.

Process Engineering and Automation

Dynamic support to rapidly shifting industries requires redefining support mechanisms and infrastructures. Aperture provides experts define bold goals and enable our customer to reach them. Our management consulting teams work with our customer to advance their operations through re-engineering and automating business processes to free the staff to address the complex issues of the transportation industry.

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